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The Oro Valley Theatre Company, and Artistic Director, Judi Rodman, are thrilled to present another Neil Simon hysterical comedy! When Barefoot in the Park opened, it was described by the New York Times as, " A Bubbling, rib-tickling comedy"! And that it is!

According to Simon, this play is somewhat autobiographical, loosely based on his own marriage. Newlyweds, Paul and Corie Bratter, are a testimony to the old adage "opposites attract". Paul is a "straight as an arrow" lawyer, and Corie is totally adventurous, a true "free spirit"! After moving into their small newlywed apartment, six flights up, with bad plumbing, and a hole in the ceiling, the fun begins! Corie's projects include interior decorating the apartment, and playing matchmaker to her widowed mother and the very eccentric neighbor in the attic. Paul does not approve, because, according to Corie, he is not spontaneous! She doesn't believe that Paul would ever think of running "barefoot in the park". It's a laugh a minute", so much fun that you won't want to miss OVTC's latest Neil Simon Hit!

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