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Our Town

Premiered April 25, 26, & 29, 2019

The first show the Oro Valley Theatre Company produced was Thornton Wilder’s brilliant, “Our Town”. Why? “Our Town” is truthful and timeless, a universal work of art that has the power to speak to everyone, aesthetically and thematically.
Thornton Wilder was awarded the Pulitzer Prize three times. His first Pulitzer, in 1927, was awarded for the short novel, “The

Bridge of San Luis Rey”, which has one of the most quoted lines in American literature. “There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.“
His next two Pulitzer Prizes were awarded for two plays,  “Our Town”,  and ”The Skin of Our Teeth”, (1942). “Our Town” opened in early 1938 and has become one of the most beloved and most frequently performed plays in the history of American theater. 

In the final scene (of Our Town), Emily, a leading character, dies, and she is given the opportunity to return to life-for one day. She not only lives that day, but she watches herself live it, painfully observing that human beings forget to appreciate life while they are living it, “every, every minute”. 
We, as audience members, are profoundly affected by Emily’s discovery and message, to make life meaningful, by enjoying even the smallest moments, such as the smell of fresh brewed coffee, the beauty of flowers in the garden, and, most importantly, to recognize and treasure our relationships with loved ones.
 As we live through COVID-19, Emily‘s message becomes even more relevant and powerful. Since we have more time, we have greater opportunities to experience joy and find meaning in small moments, and to nurture important relationships, which may become  even more meaningful.
And now, the Oro Valley Theatre Company would like to give you a peak into a few memorable moments from our first production, “Our Town”.

Click "Watch the Show Virtually" to see our favorite moments!

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